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On Xmas day back in 1993, my dad got me a Warriors hat.

His friend said ”we don’t like the Warriors, they’re the enemy”.

He was from Boston and that’s how I learned that the Golden State Warriors originally are from Philadelphia.

That’s one of the main reasons Wilt and Bill only played each other twice in the Finals, and only one being San Fransisco vs Boston. They played each other in the East Finals six times and Boston came out as the victor most of the times.

So this is a Finals matchup the fans wanted back in the 60’s. But Steph vs Tatum ain’t too bad.

In Game 1 it felt like the Warriors were looking for vengeance for Wilt and all the times the Celtics beat the Warriors, with Steph scoring 21 points and setting an all time record with most 3’s in a Finals quarter with 6.

At the third quarter break, we thought it was time to put the Celtics gear on sale.

But Jaylen Brown started the fourth with 10 points in the first 5 minutes and then Al Horford realized he was playing in his first Finals game after playing the most playoff games without any finals appearances, and carried the C’s to the biggest lopsided fourth quarter in Finals history.

I wouldn’t say they stole a game, but the sure did steal the show down the stretch.

If someone told me that Steph was gonna score 21 in the opening period and Tatum would finish with 12 points, there’s no way I would think the Warriors lost the game.

But they did.

It’s still just one game, but the mission was to steal one on the road for the Celtics, and they did.

Can they steal two? I don’t think the Warriors are gonna have another melt down.

Will Steph open Game 2 in the same maner as he did in Game 1?

I don’t think so, but he might end it that way.

And if so, the Warriors should go to Boston with the series tied 1-1.

Who you got tonight?

/ Anthony

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